Printing on plastic or synthetic paper, water proof paper
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Synthetic Papers
Why choose synthetic over natural? Synthetic wins hands down when something extra tough and durable is required. Add to the advantages, water and stain-resistance. This stock is almost impossible to tear. Its very difference in look and feel to paper is an attractive alternative where you are looking for something different that’s going to set them apart and make their printing pieces stand out. Synthetic paper
prints like a dull or matte-finished coated paper. It is particularly suited for instructional manuals that are subject to harsh environments (outdoors, shop floors where grease and water are present). Synthetic papers are ideal in applications where heat and cold result in condensation. Normal paper would buckle on a freezer, for instance. A synthetics freezer label stays flat and colour-fast.


Printed pieces that see a lot of wear and tear need to be replaced less often when using synthetic paper vs. ordinary paper because of built-in toughness.

UV Resistant

Outstanding resistance to ultraviolet or sunlight makes synthetic paper ideal for outdoor use. It will hold up to UV exposure for at least one year without signs of cracking or deterioration.


Unlike ordinary papers,synthetic paper is impervious to water, and it actually floats! It is ideal for situations where a printed piece is subjected to moisture.