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Award Winning Printing

When second best is not good enough, the first impression of your printed piece is crucial. How do you know how good a printer’s quality is? Look at how the printing industry judges a quality printer. The International Club of Printing House Craftsmen holds the Gallery of Superb Printing competition once a year. It is the industry’s largest awards competition with over 5,000 entries from around the world, including the United States, Canada and as far away as Hong Kong. Since first entering the Craftsmen’s Club Awards in 1995, Beaver Press has received over 100 awards, placing it in the ranks of some of the best in the industry.

You can have great design, excellent typography and eyecatching photography, but if the printing quality is not there you have accomplished little. Beaver Press’ impressive collection of international printing awards is your assurance of quality printing.


Quality Plus

For over 30 years Beaver Press has continued to provide unique printing. Specializing in high quality short and medium runs, we have earned a reputation for a creative approach to f

finding printing solutions. With full colour and in-line coating capabilities we can make your printing stand out from the crowd.

Award Winning Printing
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