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Tips and Information Publications
To help you get better value from your printing

The Graphic Truth
Behind Images

Contains information on how to maximise the use of images, how to make them effective using the right scale and resolution. Learn the types of images and what makes Vector different from Bitmap. How does one capture the images digitally? What is a monochrome or a four process (32 bit)?
Newsletter Tips
Contains the Ins and Outs of creating a company newsletter. Why have a newsletter. The differences between Business, Public Relations and Membership Newsletters. What are the goals of a newsletter? What photos work best for reproduction? What are the savings in both cost and time?

Technical Tips

  • Guides you on how to prepare your materials and documents digitally to meet industry standards.
  • Gives you up to date info on the standard requirements on layouts, fonts and images.
  • Where you can go for help.
The Finishing Touch
Explains the difference between different coatings that can be applied to printing jobs – what works and what doesn’t work. Includes printed samples of varnish coating and aqueous coating.